Data Processing:
We use SPSS as our primary statistical analysis tool. If you have data processing needs, we can provide data tabulation, stub-and-banner printouts, and statistical analysis services.
Database Enhancement:
We have completed database enhancement studies by updating company databases with secondary or primary information on customers and prospects. We can take your database, update it or clean it up, and return it to you in the format you desire.
Market Profiling:
Through our licenses with Claritas, Inc. and iMarket, Inc., we are able to profile the consumer and business markets of any geographical area in the United States. We can also conduct custom studies to gather information on the characteristics of markets.
Secondary Research:
Secondary research is often conducted as the first step in designing a primary research study. Our staff is experienced at using the Internet and library resources to obtain secondary information on a wide range of business subject areas.
Mystery Shopping:
We have completed a wide variety of "mystery shopping" studies, where trained researchers pose as customers to obtain information on customer service performance, sales techniques, and merchandising practices. Our industry experience includes financial services, retail stores, restaurants, transportation services, and real estate.
Product Placement Studies:
Ulrich Research has distributed test products to consumers for use in their home, and has completed follow-up studies to measure their reactions, assessment of comparative strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement.
Central Location Studies:
We are able to recruit targeted segments of consumers to view products or complete interviews at our central facility or at remote locations. We have completed central location studies to test consumer products, advertisements, music preferences, and architectural designs.
Site Location Analysis:
Using our demographic databases, we are able to provide radius studies on the characteristics of the marketplace surrounding potential retail locations. We also conduct customized surveys of target markets surrounding potential locations.
Market Potential Modeling:
We have combined demographic data with customized product usage data to estimate the market potential for products and services at the county and census tract level. The data can be aggregated to conform to company sales territories. By combining market potential data with your sales reports, we can estimate market penetration and evaluate your company's performance in small geographic areas.